Desert for Adventurers

Scorching Days, Cold Nights, restless day, no water and company of dangerous reptiles, these are symbols of what we call desert and adventurers know it as a heaven on Earth.

If commoners think deserts to be challenging and ruthless than it must not be a surprise as these really are quite tough and made only for best, only for those with a big heart. Rest of us must avoid adventures without proper supervision and plan an Evening Desert Safari with family.

But there always are rebels, the gems of nature, and the adventurers. For thrill loving people, desert is something wonderful, an ultimate playground filled with thrill and wilderness.

Sand Boarding: Sand boarding, clearly as the name suggests is a board support. It is recreated from snowboarding by desert enthusiasts and adventurers. It is almost like snowboarding except that it is done on hot sand dunes rather than snow covered mountains. The rider ride the dune from upward towards the bottom while standing with feet strapped on a board.

It is popular than snowboarding because of its higher difficulty level and complex mechanism. Hence, it is loved more by thrill seekers.

Dune Bashing: Dune Bashing basically is a recreated and more challenging form of off-roading. Dune bashing is done on sand dunes by experienced and enthusiastic drivers for fun. A large 4×4 powerful but light sports utility vehicle is used because of their superior performance on soft sand. Sometimes Dune Bashing is also included in Evening Desert Safari deals.

The drivers often use roll cage on their jeeps to avoid over turn. It is a test of driver’s maneuverability, experience and skills. Tire pressure of these giants is lowered so that these beast may be able to fly on the sand dunes. Dune Bashing is also arranged by Travel companies for tourists who are accompanied by a driver to let them enjoy the thrill and feel the flow of adrenaline throughout their nerves.

Horseback Riding: Been to a desert and never experienced riding on a horse galloping on sand? What did yoy experienced? Imagine having a relaxing horseback ride and listening to the song of desert. Riding over the sand dunes and racing with desert foxes. Really, it’s only an adventure suitable for prince of desert, a true thrill lover!

Camel Race: It is one of the biggest and most popular sports of deserts. Camel races are held in deserts and a large number of spectators gather to view the scene. It is fundamental component while exploring and adventuring a desert.

Camels are often ridden by child jockeys but in modern camel racing, camels are controlled by remote controlled whips. The biggest camel race prize money is AU$25,000 in Queensland.

Quad Biking: Riding a low pressured All Terrain Vehicle in a desert is ultimate fun. To maneuver a Quad Bike on sand dunes indeed is the ultimate dream of any biker. The thrill of desert is incomplete without a quad bike.

Evening Desert Safari:  It is the best thing about any desert. Evening Desert Safari like a tour of desert in the evening. It introduces newcomers to desert and its culture, food, costumes and thrill. It includes belle dance, dune bashing, quad biking, sand skating etc. Shortly it’s a package all in one for those who are keen to know the desert in shortest possible time.

Stay at an Oasis: Last but not least, stay at an oasis. Oasis is the ultimate perfection and jewl in the crown of the desert. Every one need rest so the oasis hotels are best. Oasis gives feelings of heaven on earth. Resting in shade of palm and coconut trees and bathing in cold fresh water, what else is needed after a tiring long day?

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