Great Canyon Helicopters — Best Rides for that Valentine’s Day time Holiday

Valentine’s will quickly be right here, so it is time to generate a fantastic method to celebrate the actual occasion together with your sweetheart. A helicopter flight within the Grand Canyon will be an amazing choice. Seems great, be sure that you book your own flight quickly.

Las Las vegas

Starting in Vegas, you’ll start flying for the West Edge. The trip there requires around forty five minutes. Right here, you can select from an air-only tour or perhaps a landing visit. Both may fly within the Hoover Dam as well as Lake Mead because they head towards the National Recreation area.

The air-only tour is a good option without having all day to invest at the actual canyon. This is actually the cheapest method of doing this particular, making it affordable. However, if you’re able to, you should get one of these landing tour simply because they include much more activities. Because of this, they are recommended.

One from the landing tours is extremely romantic for Valentine’s because it has a champagne picnic on the ground of the actual canyon. That tour may also be upgraded to incorporate a calming and panoramic boat trip down the actual Colorado Water. No issue which package you select, you’ll come with an amazing journey.

Deluxe Trip Packages

The luxurious tour upgrade is certainly worth this for Valentine’s. It posseses an aerial view from the Strip in addition to complementary transportation inside a limousine.

These luxurious tours additionally fly about the EcoStar 130 helicopters. They’re designed especially for sightseeing. They’re designed aerodynamically, therefore the flight is extremely smooth, in addition, you’ll end up being extra comfy in cozy stadium-style pail seats which are surrounded with a 180 level windshield.

Tours From the South Edge

When you get to the Southern Rim, you are able to select the 30 moment or 50 moment flight. The actual short visit is stunning, but you might want to upgrade towards the longer visit for Valentine’s. My recommendation is always to take the actual 50 moment flight. This visit covers regarding 3/4 from the entire recreation area, which enables you to see incredible landmarks such as the Dragoon Hallway. That’s the actual dramatic part of the park in which the canyon is actually deepest as well as widest. You will see many incredible sights as well as romantic scenery about this tour.

Another option may be the 30 moment helicopter trip with 4×4 combo. Whenever your flight has ended, you visit a Jeep and revel in a three-hour ride with the park. This tour is excellent fun because you’re able to see the actual canyon in the air and in the ground. It’s certainly a distinctive way in order to celebrate Valentine’s.

Dress For that Weather

You should remember which February is among the coldest months in the Grand Canyon. Be sure you review the elements forecast as well as wear suitable attire. You may expect the temperatures in the West Rim to become close as to the you encounter in Las vegas, but the actual South Rim reaches a greater elevation, also it might have snow. If you plan in order to tour the actual South Edge, you definitely desire to be prepared in order to bundle up which means you don’t obtain too chilly.

Wrapping Upward

Valentine’s Day time, February fourteen, is upon Saturday this season, so it’s time for you to take the getaway towards the Grand Canyon. An atmosphere tour of probably the most beautiful places on the planet is an intimate way in order to celebrate the actual occasion. The bubbly tour from the West Rim is a great tour package to think about. If you’re headed towards the south Rim, it will likely be a throw up between your 30 moment Grand Canyon helicopter tours having a Jeep visit or the actual 50 moment air just tours.

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